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Tuesday 23 February 2016

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                                     Plan your wedding in 30 days

Are you expecting your wedding bells to ring by the end of this month? If yes, and you haven’t started to plan it yet, do not worry, the following suggestions will help you speed up your wedding planning. Usually many start to plan their wedding at least before a year, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible to plan a wedding within a month.

You may think that it sounds crazy and is not practically possible, but come on, given the technological advancements, 24×7 availability of services and online booking system, it is not all that difficult. The below points will help you to frame your mission ‘Plan the wedding in a month’ process.

Book the venue and caterers:
This has to be done within the next two days because of logistical reasons. As soon as your wedding is finalized, book your wedding venue first. Generally wedding venues are booked 7-9 months in advance especially if the wedding is set to take place during the peak wedding season. Consider all kinds of venues for the purpose. There are some venues where 3-4 weddings take place in a day and the space is contracted on an hourly basis.

Once you book the venue ask your venue manager for a list of caterers who have provided their services earlier. Sort out the menu for your wedding and reception once you finalize your caterer. Do not forget to book hotel rooms or service apartments for your guests to stay. If you plan it perfectly with the first few days, the rest is easy to do.

Fix the number and send the invites:
Estimate the number of guests you intend to invite for it will be required for catering, accommodation and printing the invitation cards. Make sure that you prepare a formal guest list by the end of the first week so that you can arrive at the exact number.

Give invitation cards for printing and make sure they reach your guests at least 20 days before the wedding. This will give enough time for your outstation guests to make their travel arrangements.

Shop for apparels and jewellery:
Your wedding Ghaghra or Saree will have to be off-the-shelf as you do not have time to get a customized Lehenga designed. Select the attire that you like the most and give it for proper fitting. Remind your groom to buy his suit or sherwani as well and give it for fitting. Renting groom’s attire is also a quick and economical option. Order your dresses within 8 days of the 30-day timeline. Once you have finalized your wedding wear, select the jewellery next. Take a picture of your bridal attire and buy jewelry accordingly. Browse through the catalogue to find out the latest trends. As there is only a few weeks left for your wedding, there is no time for custom designed jewellery.

Make honeymoon arrangements:
If honeymoon abroad is on the cards, then the travel arrangements, visa, accommodation etc have to be done quickly. However, if either of you do not own a passport, then strike out foreign honeymoon for the time being. 

Tie all the loose ends:
A friend in need is a friend in deed they say, so if any of your friends offer their help to plan your wedding do not hesitate to accept it. They can be trusted with responsibility. Keep those tasks that involve huge money transactions within the immediate family They will be very helpful in delegate tasks such as looking after transportation, food arrangements, accommodation, decoration etc.

Keep in mind that you may have to compromise on a lot of fronts and you may not have the lavish wedding that you dreamed of or checked out on wedding shows. Handmade favors, customized dresses & jewellery and lots of personalization options are seriously not possible at such short notice, unless of course, you are ready to spend an exorbitant amount of money for the same.
Last but not the least, you need to cooperate with the vendors and keep your cool. Keep deadlines flexible by a day or two. If you seriously follow this schedule, you can plan your wedding in a